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The CIRCLEX is driven by 9 core values and one of the foundational value is ‘CURIOSITY’. We believe that Exponential Excellence is attained by willingness to follow our curiosity. It is the essence of human existence and excellence. The future belongs to the CURIOUS. The… Read More »Curiosity

Are You Passionate for Achieving Excellence?

The Pursuit of Excellence means nurturing the habit of striving for excellence in whatever we do in life or at workplace. Continuous Conscious efforts and the Pure Passion, slowly but steadily, make the habit as our innate nature and we pursue excellence unconsciously.

CoExcellence - The Circle of Excellence

CircleX : The 9 Core Values

The Core Values which define and drive CircleX are Clarity, Curiosity, Creativity, Continuity, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Connection, and Confluence. The CircleX Ecosystem is based on these values, which are foundational elements of Exponential growth and Excellence in Life & Work.