CircleX Induction Process: The Abundance Journey

CircleX Induction Process : The Abundance Journey


  1. Sharing The INTENTION to be an Expert @CIRCLEX. Fill the Induction Request Form here
  2. Fill the COMPLETE PROFILE with relevant details about your present role, domain expertise and area of interest. The online links will be shared after receiving the intent through Step 1 and updated profile will be presented to all members.
  3. Start ATTENDING the meeting and start sharing/contributing the ideas, knowledge, skills and how we can help the NxtGen to explore and experience exponential growth in their respective tracks.
  4. The Chosen Experts will be aligned with CIRCLEX Vision, Mission, Objectives, Operation, SOP through online/offline training and facilitation sessions and workshops.
  5. The Training Programmes for NxtGen, Executives, Professional members will be initiated and CoE | Calendar of Training/ Mentoring and Awareness Events will be published and circulated to all entities for local level distribution and implementation.

The Second Phase : THE FISSION PHASE

  1. The CIRCLEX Core team will set the plans/processes and start the membership enrollment sessions, initiating new circles of excellence, college chapters and Corporate Circles
  2. The Experiential Excellence Exchange Process will be initiated
  3. Regular Feedback / Mentoring and Co-Creation workshops will continue to strengthen the core team, circle members i.e. individuals, institutions and industries / impact organisations.
  4. Monthly Circle of Excellence Meets and Activities will be introduced and conducted regularly.
  5. The Joy of Exponential Excellence will be created, celebrated and shared with all.
  6. The Exponential Growth Process continue for Transforming NxtGen for New India

The First Step is initiating the induction process of domain specific EXPERTS, the Core Group of Experienced Professionals, Trainers, Coaches, Facilitators, Academic Heads, Technology Experts and Social / Community Leaders who are ready to commit and passionately co-create the ecosystem by sharing their expertise, knowledge, skill-sets, and vast experiential applied wisdom for benefit of all.

CIRCLEX | The CIRCLE OF EXPERTS – the Core Group of experts will be engaged regularly through regular meetings, activities and workshops. Physical and digital platform will be used for ease of working and taking preventive measures to stay safe.

The focused and domain specific activities will spread awareness, conduct online and offline sessions, workshops, retreats and disseminate researched based information, inspiring ideas, innovations, authentic tools and time-tested techniques for benefit of its members and larger communities.

The sole aim of creating, operating and educating through Circle of Excellence is to share, serve, support and strengthen people for realizing and releasing the Pure Potential Possibilities in Life and Work.