Why CircleX Experts

Experience and Express for Exponential Excellence in life


Let’s first understand the fundamental philosophy of CircleX. Our focus is to Experience and Express Exponential Excellence in personal life and professional life@workplace


CircleX Experts address the GAP between what is required v/s what is available. The new normal global need and demands are dynamically changing and is presently dispersed. A holistic framework is required to connect all the dots and nurture them to align with the dynamic change.

Research highlights that in the innovation driven economy, on the supply side, the entry level professional (youth) are full of uncertainty, skilled individuals who are coming out of institutions did not have a market. The are not market ready or mostly unfit for new economy. On the other side highly skilled are underutilized for many reasons.

On the demand side, companies face a challenging business reality of constant industry disruption that cannot be resolved by a company’s present set of employees. They are eager to adapt but finds a big resource gap and availability of trained manpower who are fit for new process sets.


An Expert, as defined by CircleX , is an individual who can bring valuable ideas (knowledge) or innovative process (skills) to the group to resolve the challenges and/or to enhance applied efficiency.

At CircleX an expert is not just a specialist, and is not necessarily a PhD on a subject specific or theoretical topic.  A real expert is simply someone who is a passionate professional with unique specialization and applied experience in that domain.

We avoid narrowly defined criteria for experts. We value the inquisitiveness and urge to dive deep in that specific domain and show readiness to share the experience, unconditionally, with others for collective growth.

GopiKrishan Bali, CEO CoE

WHY BECOME AN CircleX Expert?

Mostly People work for money, some form of compensation, which is nice. However, the compensation earned might not be sufficient to consider quitting your day job.

In reality, it is better to invest experience in a way that it grow exponentially. Why? Because being an expert is not just about having a job or getting paid hourly. It is about an identity, it is about conceiving an idea, work for an innovation and an inner inspiration to lead and expand that subject knowledge, nurture the whole domain.

At CircleX we believe in 3R’s i.e. We Respect, Recognize, and Reward the Experience and the Experiencer.

There are often also other tangible but non-monetary benefits. A meaningful, purposeful networking for knowledge sharing with leading practitioners, regular meeting, workshops, seminars to share and learn from other experts, utilizing the resource pool, templates, framework, manuals, guides, tools and techniques for personal and professional growth.

At CircleX we are building a community of experienced professionals who crave the knowledge, skills and resources that matters to whole community. They want to be part of the creative collaborative process of exponential growth that generates excellence in life. They want to have an positive impact on nxtgen.

CircleX Experts also want to identify ideas, innovative and inspiring process steps to inculcate and imbibe exponential excellence as a Passion of life, both at personal level and at professional levels. The are the people ready with mindset and skill-set for exponential growth.

At CircleX, your education is a start but really does not matter much in long run. Having worked for brand name employers is good, but is not essential requirement. What matters most is your inner motivation (inspiration), your dedication (passion), and your real applied ideas, skills, tools, techniques and their delivery process.

At CircleX all member experts are active and equal participants. They share the desire to reshape and redefine and drive changes rather than be shaped and driven by them.

The real reason to engage with CircleX is to be part of an exciting heart driven community. Indeed, the best circle of expert community provide plenty of opportunities to learn from peers and from exciting assignments that challenge your comfort zone and bring you out of the day-to-day grind.

Working on the next emerging technology or disruptive trend together with other experts can be both challenging and rewarding. If you want to have the deepest knowledge about industry disruption, why not work with network of experts that focus on that aspect?

The only thing constant is change. True, but the speed of change and the direction of varies. Inspecting and impacting that change is where the insight of ‘experiencing and expressing exponential excellence’ is rooted..

GopiKrishan Bali, CEO CoE CircleX

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