Why CircleX?

The purpose of initiating CIRCLEX is to create open opportunities for all individuals, institutions, impact organisations and industrial associations to collectively and holistically COEXIST, to KNOW the trending and meaningful information, to LEARN from each other, to ENGAGE members, to UNDERSTAND different perspectives, to CONNECT different aspects of life & work and get open opportunities and options to EVOLVE with member organisations.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Margaret Mead

The Exponential Excellence is achieved by understanding the unique essence of exponential growth, positive and optimistic work culture, and finally contributing co-cooperatively and cohesively practice to explore and experience, to express and evolve the set of best practices, tools and techniques for achieving the hidden potential possibilities, collectively.

Time is now to scale up the activities and outreach initiative to a greater level. The global need is emerging and we wish to formally establish the First Phase ‘FUSION‘ – the initiation process of establishing creative and collaborative connections with committed individual, institutions and industry associations to combine knowledge, skills and resources to CREATE, OPERATE and EDUCATE people to live, laugh, love and lead life through Centre of Excellence for Holistic Well-Being (COE | HW) for realizing and releasing the Pure Potential Possibilities in Life and Work.

The First Step is initiating the induction process of domain specific EXPERTS, the Core Group of Experienced Professionals, Trainers, Coaches, Facilitators, Academic Heads, Technology Experts and Social / Community Leaders who are ready to commit and passionately co-create the ecosystem by sharing their expertise, knowledge, skill-sets, and vast experiential applied wisdom for benefit of all. Know More About CircleX Induction Process

The Centre of Excellence for Holistic Well-Being (COE | HW) will spread awareness, conduct online and offline sessions, wokshops, retreats and disseminate researched based information, inspiring ideas, innovations, authentic tools and time-tested techniques for benefit of its members and larger communities. The sole aim is to share, serve, support and strengthen people for realizing and releasing the Pure Potential Possibilities in Life and Work.

That’s the Vision, Mission and Objective of CIRCLEX